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If you’re like me, you love adventure. Why else would you start your own business? Your business deserves a beautiful website as adventurous as you are, and I’d love to come along with you on your journey.


I’m Sarah Mickulesku – Denver-based Designer, Web-Developer, SEO strategist, Freelance Writer, Published Author, Lover of Freedom, and friend to all. I have a BA in journalism where I first acquired layout and editorial skills and a love for creating beautiful things that would later lend to web-development. I started building websites in 2013 when I started my own handmade beanie company, High Country Headwear, born out of my deep love of nature and the outdoors. Since then, I have fine-tuned my web development skills in order to help other small businesses like mine, grow and thrive. 


Owning and running your business is not for the faint of heart. My goal through Freestyle Creative is to take the stress of web-development off your plate so you can focus on the adventure at hand and allow you to focus on what’s really important.

Complete Solution for your online presence

We take pride in helping you navigate while you take the driver’s seat, keeping your vision at the forefront of the design process.

Personal Guide

We help businesses carve their own paths and take their own brave, calculated steps that will lead to loyal, raving customers.

Complete Design

Transforming your vision from an idea, to a beautiful, engaging, fully-responsive WordPress site from start to finish.

Story-based Presence

As a former journalist, it's my passion to dive deep to get to the bottom of a story. Discovering the sweet spot where your story meets your customer's is where the adventure begins.

Editorial Content

Sarah is a published children's book author, blogger, former journalist and freelance writer. Freelance writing, copywriting and editing services in your authentic voice will bring life to your business an a heartbeat to your page.

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We are a full-service web development agency. We will take your ideas and make them a reality – from upstarts, to redesigns, to full SEO and advertising management, we are here to support you however we can.

No photos? No problem! We provide beautiful stock photo imagery, color palette guidance, content writing, and offer insights on how to reach your audience.

In addition to full web-development, Freestyle Creative offers freelance writing, copyediting, and SEO writing services. Sarah is a published children’s book author, blogger, former journalist and freelance writer for publications like, We Are Wildness, and the now-defunct Among the Roots, to name a few. Content creation is so much more than beautiful visual design, SEO, and advertising. Writing in your authentic voice is what will bring life to your business and a heartbeat to your web page. Contact us today to see how we can lend an authentic voice to your business!

Search engine optimization requires a holistic approach to online tools like Google, Facebook, and your own web design. Optimizing websites for search engines means focusing on what it will take to make every piece of online real estate impactful. Tech trends are ever-growing, and now more than ever people live and breathe by their smartphones. Google is the most trusted search engine on the web, and getting your page on the first page of results for relevant search terms is the ultimate goal. 

Our goal is to boost your online presence through targeted marketing and SEO services as well as making your website design strategic for generating leads. With contact forms, analytics, and simple click-to-call design features, we make sure that people not only see you, but are able to connect with you conveniently. By developing your online presence and creating the funnels for customers to get directly to you, your business will be well-positioned to thrive. Implementing SEO strategies will allow you to see exactly how you can best serve your clients and build a strategy that is useful for years to come. 

 Our balanced and complete SEO web design, content, and marketing strategy is a guaranteed method of making sure that you connect to the desired audience. We have the technical skills to take your business from wherever you are on the results page straight to the top which converts to sales. Making sure that you are seen is more than half the battle in the modern market, so if you are not getting the results that you need from your current online marketing strategies, we can help you fix it. Contact us today to discuss your unique needs.

Utilizing Facebook and Google ads to generate leads is a great way to grow your business. Facebook and Google are two of the largest companies in the world, and ‘Google’ has become a verb. When we Google something, we are searching for precisely the exact words that we have typed in the search bar. There is no better way to hand-deliver your business directly to those searching for it, than by advertising through Google. 

Taking advantage of Facebook ads allows you to put your business in front of fresh eyes. Maybe no one has searched specifically for what you have to offer, but with powerful advertising, you can stop the mindless scroller in their tracks. The potential for growth and attracting new clients is huge! Facebook and Google advertising are two of the best ways to grow your business online. Contact us today to set up new ways to spotlight your business utilizing two of the largest media giants available!

Adventure Awaits!